Left Over

Last spring, our Clematis covered the top of a large Boxwood shrub at the corner of the front porch. After it bloomed in the summer I never cut it back, and by autumn the Boxwood was covered with seed heads. They are still there, left over from that earlier season, and about to be enveloped by the snow that is coming tomorrow.

“The seed has no idea of being some particular plant, but it has its own form and is in perfect harmony with the ground, with its surroundings … and there is no trouble.  This is what we mean by naturalness.” (Shrunyu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind)

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  1. SweetAngel18 says:

    Those photos are really beautiful


  2. They are so beautiful. Look similar to milkweed seeds. I bet they would look gorgeous covered with ice. Any pics of the snow? Snow blizzard where I live right now!

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    1. Yes, they do look similar to milkweed seeds. I did take a few photos of the snow. We got about 7 inches, and then by the end of the following day it was all gone.!

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