Monday Memories: Australian troops returning from Vietnam, 1969

In 1962, Australia began its involvement in the Vietnam War by sending 30 military advisors to South Vietnam. Over the next decade that military commitment escalated to a peak of over 7500 personnel including engineers, surgical teams and combat troops. In 1970, Australia began a phased withdrawal of forces from South Vietnam, and by the end of 1973 all combat forces had been withdrawn.

Throughout the war, as troops rotated out of duty in Vietnam, they were welcomed home with parades. I took this photo in 1969 during a parade to welcome troops returning home to Adelaide, South Australia.

I’m in the process of digitizing old photos and slides and thought I’d share a few from time to time.

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  1. de Wets Wild says:

    The relief their families must have felt at seeing these men back on Australian soil…

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    1. Here in the U.S. troops returning from Vietnam were treated very badly because so many people were opposed to the war, and they vented their emotions on the returning soldiers. So I was very glad to see Australian troops return with honour.

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