Over the Edge for Charity

Our son-in-law participated in a fund raising effort for a wonderful children’s charity by rappelling down a 52-story building. This is our daughter’s blog post about the “Over the Edge” event and their celebration afterwards…

Sweet Peach

Over the recent Valentine’s Day weekend, my husband and I flew to Orlando, FL. While this was our first getaway as a couple, without our son, in 9 years, we had a very special reason for going. Plus, we had some quality time together over the most romantic day of the year. (Queue sappy music!)

Here’s a little background info before I dive into the trip. This past summer, my husband, who is a youth minister, led a mission trip to an amazing place called Give Kids the World, in Orlando, FL. GKTW allows critically ill children and their families to take a week long, cost free vacation, including lodging, tickets to the theme parks, and meals. They are affiliated with the Make a Wish program, and have a small full time staff, but rely primarily on volunteer support throughout the year. The teenagers and other adults who joined…

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  1. That is bravery! I would have stayed on the ground too!


    1. Just watching it would have scared me!

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