The Power of a Song…

Sweet Peach

One morning this past week, I woke up on the total wrong side of the bed. Everything seemed to be going wrong: I woke up late, hated everything I picked out to wear that day but didn’t have time to change my mind, didn’t like my hair, barely got my son to school on time, it was raining for the millionth day, I was cut off in traffic, twice, and five minutes out from work, I was a hot mess!

I was fuming, and already knew the rest of the day would suck too. Great! Just then a song came across the radio that I liked. It was upbeat, and as I started singing along, this weird little thing happened to my face….I realized I was smiling. I smiled because it’s a song that my son and I like to sing together, and I felt happy belting it out. Now…

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