From where I sit: March 26, 2020

I haven’t been taking many photos lately. We’ve only had about 4 days without rain since Christmas (that’s only a slight exaggeration). It’s been the wettest and mildest winter here on record. But this afternoon we had some sun, and I walked around a bit…

Bumblebee on the azalea blossoms

Budding azalea

Robin in the high grass

Yonah Mountain in the distance

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  1. sandomina says:

    Stay safe in these very trying and stressful times.

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    1. Thank you! You stay safe and healthy, too!

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    You were handsomly rewarded for your effort!


    1. Thank you! We have some more flowers blooming, so maybe I can get out and take more photos.

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      1. de Wets Wild says:

        I know we are all going to appreciate that very much!

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  3. ktbug512 says:

    Beautiful pictures!


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