Ben has his own YouTube channel!

Our 9-year-old grandson has his own channel on YouTube!

Believing for Ben

Like other kids all around the world, grandson Ben is doing “virtual school” during this time of COVID-19. But when he’s not doing school work or watching TV or spending some time outside, he is enjoying doing science experiments, with help from his dad. His mom has been recording them, and Ben is uploading the videos to his own channel on YouTube.


Here’s how he introduces himself in the ‘About” section on his channel…

Hi, I’m Ben! I love all sports, science, and fun games. Come check out my channel! If you lovemy videos, make sure to click like and subscribe!

So far Ben has uploaded videos of two science experiments: How to make a homemade lava lamp! and How to make fire in a bottle!

Have a look, and if you have a child or grandchild who might be interested in doing these experiments at home or…

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