Living through May: Survival!

My daughter is my hero! Here’s a little glimpse into the reasons why…

Sweet Peach

I’ve been quiet for most of this month, with my last post being on May 8th. I won’t lie, May is a challenging month for me. It’s full of highs and lows. On top of the emotions it brings about, I have been extremely busy with work this time around as well. That’s a good thing though, as I’m anticipating a promotion during 3rd quarter this year…fingers crossed it comes to fruition! Plus, we’ve got to throw in Covid-19 this year, and all the changes it has brought about, and our “new normal.” I’m still working from home, and will be at least for another month, which is a blessing as my son’s normal summer day camp has been cancelled this year. I’m glad I can be home with him, and be part of the new memories he is making.

May, when the flowers start to bloom, and in the…

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