Trumpet Vine

My husband planted a trumpet vine by our old shed many years ago. I don’t remember ever seeing it bloom until this year. So far it has had three blooms, one after the other, with each bloom waiting to open until the previous bloom has died.

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  1. Olga says:

    Such a lovely, single bloom. ❤


    1. Thank you. I don’t why this vine has only one bloom at a time.

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  2. judyinalbuquerque says:

    Hey Debbie. Trumpet vines in NM are extremely prolific. Babies pop up in the most unexpected places. I’m not sure how to attach a photo here, so will send you one via my phone to your Messenger. You’ll be amazed at the vines that cover our backyard pergola. Three colors….yellow, orange, & red. The hummingbirds LOVE them!! In the fall, huge seed pods are ready to open up to create even more plants. Let me know if you want a BUNCH of seed pods. Much love to you….Judy


    1. Hi Judy. I would love to see your trumpet vines! Why ours hasn’t bloomed for years until this year, I don’t know. Hope you are doing okay. Love to you, too!


  3. Each one has their pace. Some people start late but grow tall in the end.

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