An interesting find. What is it?

Last month when grandson Ben came for a socially-distanced porch visit, he brought an artifact he had found, hoping I could identify it for him. He found it in a creek near his home. It’s very heavy, apparently made of iron, appears to have had handles although one is now missing, is hollowed out on the inside, and I have no idea what it is. I did some research, thinking perhaps it could be a Civil War artifact, as at least four Civil War battles/skirmishes were fought in the area and the Confederate army wintered in the area in 1863-64. But I was unsuccessful in identifying Ben’s find.

We are hoping that one of my readers might be able to identify this for us.

If you know what this object is or have a suggestion as to where we could research it, please let me know in the comments. Many thanks!

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  1. alekmountain says:

    Do you have any copper, gold or silver deposits in your area? I have seen retorts of similar shape, which were used to refine precious metals or melt lead for bullets.


    1. My grandson found this near his house in Northwest Georgia and they’re not aware of any deposits of gold, silver or copper in the area. They live outside of Dalton in Rocky Face and near Tunnel Hill. Since there was so much Civil War activity in that area, the first thing I though of was that it was war related. Since I wrote this, I have been researching the manufacture of the 3-inch-wide artillery shells for the small Parrott rifle (cannon). But I’m still not sure. Melting lead for bullets sounds the most obvious, doesn’t it? Thank you for your comment.


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