From the Mountains to the Sea!

I love the ocean, but it’s been five years since we’ve been to the beach. So I live vicariously through our daughter and her family who have taken two beach trips this summer!

Sweet Peach

After a fabulous weekend in the mountains, we returned home for less than 12 hours. We washed clothes, re-packed, and loaded the car again for our next adventure…Sun, sand, seafood, and shark fishing!

We turned lemons into lemonade with a last minute family beach trip, before school was set to start back. The lemons came in the form of a cancelled Spring Break cruise due to Covid-19, but the lemonade came when I had the vacation time available, and an opportunity for a week at the beach, for just the 3 of us, kind of fell into our laps.

Some family friends, who own a beach condo, had the days available, and only charged us the cleaning fee. We had a week of relaxation, with no agenda. It was bliss! And it was an added blessing that this was our second beach trip this summer. We had already been about…

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    1. Ben had a wonderful time at the beach!

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  1. Amy says:

    Two trips to beach, how wonderful. GoSo wonderful to see Ben’s smile. 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yes, two trips. He had such a good time!

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