Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

We’ve seen very few butterflies this season, and when I have seen them I haven’t had a camera with me. Today, however, I was able to capture the one butterfly that was on the buddleia. It was a brown Eastern Tiger Swallowtail…

“Butterflies are nature’s angels.
They remind us what a gift it is to be alive.”
-Robyn Nola

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  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Looks like it is quite impressive both in size as well as appearance, Deb?


    1. It’s a large butterfly, and depending on the light it can look black rather than brown.

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  2. bushboy says:

    Nice shots 🙂


  3. alekmountain says:

    How did you get the butterfly to hold still? That has always been my problem when photographing insets up close. They see the camera and vamos!


    1. I use a telephoto lens and stand far away. 🙂 And using the automatic focus rather than manual focus helps, too.


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