Pocket of joy: Easter lily in June

Easter, 2020 I was gifted an Easter lily, and when it stopped blooming I planted it outside next to the old fence, not expecting it to live. Over a year later, and a little late for Easter 2021, it is now in bloom.

I love the term “pocket of joy.” I first heard it on a Netflix reality show when one of the main starsspeaking of his difficult growing-up years, also spoke of the pockets of joy that sustained him through those difficult times.

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  1. alekmountain says:

    I have not planted a single Easter Lily in the three years that I have live here. There were none when I bought the property. Last year two eight feet tall lilies came up near the driveway. Now I have at least a dozen coming up in the planting beds, but none are as far along in maturing as you lilies. Maybe the squirrels are burying Easter Lily pods around the property?

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    1. Maybe they are. Who knows? I have calla lilies coming up from two years ago. I thought they had died because they made no appearance last year. I have no explanation for why things grow or don’t grow around here.


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