Deer in town

My father lives in a town with a population of just over 43,000, and his house is within walking distance of the downtown area, yet deer can frequently be seen in his neighborhood. I captured this doe this past weekend, grazing directly behind the house very near where my car was parked.

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  1. Fandango says:

    We have deer (whole families of them) wandering around our backyard (and eating the leaves off of our trees and destroying our plants and shrubs) almost every day.

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    1. I have them, too, but I live in the woods. I grew up in the house my dad lives in, and we never had deer in town back then.

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      1. Fandango says:

        I live about 2 miles from the center of town, but there are deer all over the place. And coyotes and bobcats and wild turkeys and wild pigs and foxes and ….

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      2. Yes, I have all of those where I live, too, plus bears and even once a mountain lion. And now we have armadillos! Makes life interesting!

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      3. Fandango says:

        I haven’t seen any bears or armadillos around my place. Not yet, anyway. There have been a few reported mountain lion sightings, though.

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Not a bad-looking neighbour at all!

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    1. When I was growing up in that house we never saw deer in town. Interesting…


      1. de Wets Wild says:

        Perhaps in those times they were more likely to appear on the menu than in the back yard?

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