The Blessing Jar

It’s been a difficult year and a half and would have been even without the COVID virus:

Major structural repairs to my house. The final hospitalization and passing of my husband after 4 years of ongoing medical issues including a series of strokes. The declining health of my 92-year-old father and having to handle storm and flash flood damage to his vacation cabin and taking control of all of his financial matters. The hospitalization of my father and his going into at-home hospice care. The diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer for my sister who is living with Dad and has been taking care of him.

So I am very grateful for my blessing jar. Grandson Ben gave it to me, and on every strip of brightly coloured paper is an inspirational verse or quote. He will never really know how much it has meant to me. Whenever I need a lift in spirit, I read a quote and then place the strip of paper in another container. When the jar is empty I move the quotes from the other container back into the jar and start the process again. Each time, the strips of paper are placed back in the jar in a random fashion, so I read each one again in random order, but each one seems to fit that day’s need almost exactly.

Thank you, Ben!

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  1. dgc says:

    A difficult year indeed. Here, also. Do you know of John O’Donohue’s blessing “Beannacht”? If not, then I offer it to you for your jar: and

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    1. Thank you, Don. I need to memorize that poem. I have read it in the past, although obviously not as closely as I should have. It’s wonderful! I’m sorry the year has been difficult for you, too, and I hope things get better.



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    1. Ben was such a sweetie for doing this for me.

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  3. pegsheffield says:

    What a sweet and caring thing for Ben to do for you. In 2014, I attempted a gratitude jar and read the slips of paper at the end of the year. Ever the sentimental packrat, I saved them, but not in the jar. Not long ago, I stumbled upon them and it was quite the memory jog to read them again. You’ve really been and are going through a lot. Sending prayers for strength and courage for the days ahead.

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    1. Thank you so much for those encouraging words and for your prayers, Peg. (I’m a sentimental packrat, too.) I’m driving into Gainesville at least 5 days a week to help with Dad and Becky (she has a very aggressive form of breast cancer and is going through chemo, but I haven’t shared that except in my blog). I’m rarely on Facebook anymore. It just got to be too much, so I’m putting my energy (what energy I have LOL) into my blog. I hope you are doing well. Stay safe, my friend!


      1. pegsheffield says:

        I am so sorry to hear about Becky and will pray she makes a full recovery. You certainly have your hands full, and I know caregiving can take a toll. Please take good care of you too, and be extra careful driving so much.

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        1. Thank you, Peg. I hope you had a nice birthday today!


  4. Mamalava says:

    A blessing jar- what a fantastic idea! I’m creating something similar – maybe more of an encouragement jar – right now for a friend. God bless you through all that you are handling. Thank you for writing and sharing this post.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. How nice that you are doing something similar for your friend.

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