WordPress problems

I have been having a terrible time with WordPress.

After much research and trying several solutions, I decided the problem might be within the theme itself. So I changed the theme and spent forever getting the widgets the way I wanted them.

Then I found the answer to my problem and changed the theme back to the previous one, which I preferred. But now I can no longer find a widget that will allow people to subscribe to my blog by email. And all the widgets in the footer area are not as I would like. Oh well.

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  1. Yikes, eh gads… It such a trial to wade through the constanlty changing internet web. I feel for you Deb. Recently I have incredible trouble creating posts on wordpress, and it takes me much longer… In spite of all this, I and Francis) are well, and pray and hope the same is for you as well… and for your grandson Ben!

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    1. I’m glad you and Francis are well. I am doing fine. Even though Ben lives a two-and-a-half-hour drive away, he and I enjoy playing video games competing together as a team against other teams. Oh the wonders of technology. I know how to use an Xbox controller now and a headset through which I communicate with Ben, but I have trouble with WordPress. So funny!

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      1. yup… same as with our 2 granddaughters. Well, though they live 20 hours away. Nice to here from you, Cheers

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  2. bushboy says:

    The subscribe is there at the bottom of the page. It is a strange theme. I found mine and haven’t changed anything as I am too afraid that it will screw things up judging by others experience

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    1. It probably would screw things up if you tried to change anything. I’m sorry I even tried to do that today.

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  3. alekmountain says:

    What I have been noticing is that someone inside WordPress is changing the software and editing features without telling any of the customers. Suddenly, the way one does a certain operation has changed and you have to figure out how it now works, without any assistance from WordPress.

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    1. I agree. I’ve also found that if I change my browser and use Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, some features that weren’t working start to work again.


  4. robertthompson1959 says:

    On my Chromebook I can access my WordPress home page but after that I get the white screen with the WordPress logo. But I have no problem accessing it on my cellphone. This is so annoying.

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