Spring Festival 2022: Week #6 ~ Sweetshrub

Linked to Dawn’s Spring Festival 2022 and Cee’s Flower of the Day

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  1. alekmountain says:

    These grew wild in the mountainous woods between Dahlonega and Amicalola Falls. Don’t know why there were so many of them there. I have not seen any hear in NE Georgia.


    1. I have a couple of plants on the edge of the woods behind my house and one in the front. We didn’t plant them, so I don’t know if the previous owners planted them or if they are wild. When I was growing up in Gainesville, within walking distance of downtown, we had Sweetshrub growing in the hedge between our house and the neighbor’s yard. And it always smelled wonderful. The plants on my property have no scent at all.

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    2. I was at Ingles in Cleveland today, and they have Sweetshrub in their garden center. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it for sale before.

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  2. Dawn Palmer says:

    Very pretty photos! I don’t think I’ve seen that flower before…


    1. Thank you. It grows wild here and also is called Carolina Allspice. When I was a child, Sweetshrub had a lovely spicy scent, but the plants now have none.

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      1. Dawn Palmer says:

        That’s interesting that they lost their scent. Still pretty! 😎

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  3. My gracious they are beautiful!
    I’ve never seen this one before either.


    1. Thank you. These are found wild in the woods here in North Georgia.

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