Red-Shouldered Hawk

Seeing a hawk is a good omen.

I often see hawks circling overhead, perched in trees on my property, and even in the backyard of the property I inherited in a nearby town. However, I’ve never seen one remain in exactly the same spot for almost an hour.

This Red-Shouldered Hawk sat on a bent tree in the woods behind my house for about an hour before massive storms were forecast to arrive. I’m always concerned about storms with high winds, but the presence of the hawk gave me the assurance that I would be protected.

(Photos taken from a distance away, through the kitchen window.)

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  1. etikser says:

    Wonderful! I saw a hawk circle and land on a branch in the tall tree in front of me today. I didn’t know it was a good omen.

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    1. I always count it as a blessing whenever I see a hawk. I saw another one today perched in a tree beside the highway. Hawks can represent protection or can be a sign that you are moving along the right path in your life.

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      1. etikser says:

        Interesting…I like thinking of them that way.

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  2. bushboy says:

    Aren’t kitchen windows the best to spy from. I often get a look at the house. Sometimes if I keep moving they are off but mostly I can move about freely 🙂

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    1. I’ve seen bears, deer, raccoons, and opossums through my kitchen window as well.

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      1. bushboy says:



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