The Dogwood is beginning to bloom. Let’s hope it can survive tonight’s low temperatures. We’re under a freeze warning, and the temperature is forecast to drop to 24 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius).

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  1. alekmountain says:

    Mine are leaving and starting blooms also. Last week’s freeze wiped out most of my blueberry blossoms. Can’t imagine any of these flowers surviving three nights of sub-freezing weather.


    1. I actually took this photo in Gainesville. The dogwoods there have been beautiful. I have to be in Gainesville again tomorrow, so I’ll see what they look like after tonight’s freeze. I’ll be surprised if my dogwoods bloom at all this year.


  2. Beautiful against the bright blue sky 😃


    1. Thank you! This is a very old, tall dogwood tree, and I am very short, so I had to stand on tiptoe to take the photo.


  3. This is one plant I’ve always coveted but do not have room for but can appreciate yours instead – thank you

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    1. This dogwood tree was planted by my father on his property over 65 years ago and has grown to be quite tall. I have two dogwood trees on the property where I live, but they do grow in the wild here, so the wooded areas across the lane and behind my house are full of dogwood trees.


      1. lucky you and how nice to have that history too

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  4. Maureen Helen says:

    Lovely photo. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you. We’ve now had three nights of below freezing temperatures, and the blooms are turning brown.


  5. Great post! It’s always interesting to learn about the different flowers and their lifecycle. ❤️

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