Honored to be interviewed by a Ukrainian media outlet

This past week United24, which is President Zelenskyy’s official fundraising platform for people and organizations wanting to help Ukraine, contacted me again and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed by a Ukrainian media outlet. Previously, I had been featured on United24’s “Stories of Support” that had been posted on social media.

Photo courtesy of u24.gov.ua

United24 sent me eight questions asking me to give a little information about myself and my Ukrainian ancestry, how I felt when the full-scale war began, and how and why I support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, plus other information. My answers were recorded and submitted along with a transcript and photos that United24 requested.

As of now, I have no idea if Ukrainian media will use my answers in full, if the answers will be edited, or if the media outlet will decide not to use them at all. Regardless, I am honored to have been asked to be interviewed and honored to be able to help Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні!

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  1. alekmountain says:

    Слава Україні! – and congratulations for your appearance on Ukrainian media.

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