Mountain Laurel

The Mountain Laurel was glorious this year. Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day As always: Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні!

Siberian Iris

These volunteer Siberian Iris are in the garden behind the house I inherited and have now sold. Will the new owners leave them there, or will they tear out the entire area and put in a swimming pool? Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day As always: Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні!

Southern Magnolia

Seeing this particular Southern Magnolia tree bloom for the last time… It is in front of the house my sister and I inherited, the house in which we grew up. But the house has now sold. We will close the sale next Thursday, and I heard the new owners say they plan to widen the…

A gallery of azaleas

There are only a few blooms left, but the azaleas were lovely until they were battered by the heavy rains. As always: Слава Україні !! Героям слава!! #StandForUkraine


Very small wildflowers that were growing on my property. Unfortunately, they’re gone now after mowing in the front and some clean-up behind the house. “I’m going to give you a handful of wildflowers so, each petal that falls will remind you that the earth breathes, and the moon rises.” (Carolyn Riker)

Clematis in the Carolina Jessamine

I love to see this every year. The volunteer Clematis blooms at the same time as the Carolina Jessamine. This may be the last year I get to see this, however, as I plan to put the property on the market soon.

Blooming for the first time in several years

The Dogwood photos I posted a few days ago were taken 30 miles away from my home, at the property I inherited when my father died. But today, I saw that the small Dogwood on my own property, which hasn’t bloomed at all in several years, is now in bloom. Linked to Cee’s Flower of…