Mountain Laurel

The Mountain Laurel was glorious this year. Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day As always: Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні!

Southern Magnolia

Seeing this particular Southern Magnolia tree bloom for the last time… It is in front of the house my sister and I inherited, the house in which we grew up. But the house has now sold. We will close the sale next Thursday, and I heard the new owners say they plan to widen the…

Blooming for the first time in several years

The Dogwood photos I posted a few days ago were taken 30 miles away from my home, at the property I inherited when my father died. But today, I saw that the small Dogwood on my own property, which hasn’t bloomed at all in several years, is now in bloom. Linked to Cee’s Flower of…

Snowball Bush

The Snowball Viburnum shrub is often confused with the Annabelle Hydrangea, but it grows taller and wider than the hydrangea. When the blooms first appear they are green and later turn to white. My two shrubs are just beginning to bloom. I’ll post more photos when the blooms change to white. Linked to Cee’s Flower…


The Dogwood is beginning to bloom. Let’s hope it can survive tonight’s low temperatures. We’re under a freeze warning, and the temperature is forecast to drop to 24 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius). Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day

Bright pink Quince

The bright pink Flowering Quince is now in bloom, and the leaves have appeared. Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day


My neighbor’s daffodils are just beginning to open. Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day


I love the way the crocuses are sheltered by the rock. Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day.