A very bright sunset

At Rabbit Ridge Run near Valle Crucis, North Carolina “Sunset is the opening music of the night.”Mehmet Murat ildan


“Wildflowers aren’t meant to be cut & tamed. They’re meant to be loved & admired.” –Anthony T. Hincks Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day

“Dance upon the mountains like a flame,” 2022

Flame azaleas grow wild here in the mountains of North Georgia, and I always look forward to seeing them bloom in the spring.  They may very well be my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, the wild azalea shrub outside my kitchen window hasn’t bloomed at all since 2020. However, through the woods on both my property and…

American Red Squirrel

American Red Squirrels are characterized by their bushy, dark red tails and their white eye circles. This one was spotted at the bird feeder at my cousin’s vacation home in western North Carolina. However, none of us had ever seen a Red Squirrel before. Where I lived in northern Indiana for many years, the squirrels…

Like a wildflower

“May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.” (Native American blessing)

Here is the world…

The past two years have been filled with difficulties and hardships and terrible things around the world. They also have been filled with much beauty and love. Cheers to the New Year, as we look ahead with courage to whatever might come our way.

A little Autumn color

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” Emily Bronte

Late October

Brilliant colors on the Red Maple this year “I remember it as October days are always remembered, cloudless, maple-flavored, the air gold and so clean it quivers.” – Leif Enger

Beauty is a fragile thing

It looks like a Luna Moth except that it is brown instead of green. And its wings appear to be very fragile, like brown leaves or even thin brown paper. “Beauty is a fragile thing.” (Ovid)

The little things in life

“Happy are those who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life.” (Author unknown)