Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Fences

  Fences at historic sites in Northwest Georgia… The Historic Vann House   New Echota Historic Site   A fence in Kellum Valley in Northeast Georgia…   And our son-in-law and grandson working on the fence on our property in Northeast Georgia…   You can join the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge here.  

A Photo A Week Challenge: From Below

Beneath the floating staircase at the historic Chief Vann House in Murray County, Georgia The staircase is one of the oldest examples of cantilevered construction in Georgia.  Built during an 1818 renovation of the house,  it is said to be “floating” because the second landing of the staircase sits over the first floor hall with…

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Back of Things

In this challenge Cee asks us to view something from behind or from underneath.  My submission is the monochrome version of the underside of what may be the earliest example of a cantilevered, or floating, staircase in Georgia.  Cantilever construction allows for an overhanging structure, such as a staircase, to be constructed without external bracing.  This staircase is found…

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Fences

I may have used these photos before, but they are perfect for Cee’s fences challenge this week. The first two photos come from the Vann House historical site in Chatsworth, Georgia. Built by wealthy Cherokee leader and planter James Vann, the Vann House was completed in 1804 and in 1819, was visited by U.S. President James Madison….