Deer in town

My father lives in a town with a population of just over 43,000, and his house is within walking distance of the downtown area, yet deer can frequently be seen in his neighborhood. I captured this doe this past weekend, grazing directly behind the house very near where my car was parked.

Pic and a Word Challenge: Girls

I taught at a girls’ boarding school for fifteen years, some of the best years of my life. These particular photos are several years old, and the girls are now adult women, married, with children, and/or with professional careers.  They would kill me if they saw I used these photos in a blog post!  🙂…

A Hospital Children’s Garden

We’ve been at the hospital again, this time for my husband’s long-awaited heart procedure.  Called a Watchman procedure, it involved the insertion of a device that closes off the left atrial appendage of the heart.  The Watchman device should reduce the risk of additional strokes, and over time, will allow him to stop taking anti-coagulants….

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide – Brenau University

  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of being on the campus of Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia where my aunt (my father’s sister) was a student.  Brenau has been part of my mother’s side of the family since the 1890s when my great grandmother taught art there. My mother was a student at…

Destino’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Trains

Reportedly manufactured for Czar Nicholas II of Russia, this locomotive was never shipped overseas due to the outbreak of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution which ultimately resulted in the overthrow and death of the czar.  The locomotive sits today near downtown Gainesville, GA. To see more trains, check out  

Lingering Look at Architecture: Colleges and Universities

Founded 135 years ago as an all-female institution, Brenau University is located in Gainesville, Georgia, about fifty miles north of Atlanta.  Brenau takes its name from the German word brennen, meaning “burn,” and the Latin word aurum, meaning gold.  “As Gold Refined By Fire” became the school’s motto.  For the first 93 years of its existence, Brenau…