After the rains

Blooming today after several days of off-and-on rain in Northeast Georgia…

Late Bloomer

The blue hydrangea flowers are fading into muted purples at the arrival of autumn. But today I saw fresh blooms.   And maybe there will be even more. In the garden of life, late bloomers are especially beautiful  (Susan Gale)

Now Blooming In My Corner of North Georgia: One Lone Hydrangea

It’s been a funny summer. Some plants that never bloom actually bloomed.  Others that always bloom didn’t, like the hydrangeas.  We waited all summer, and only one hydrangea plant bloomed. And it has only one bloom, but it surely is lovely.

Expanding Our Woodland Garden

In recent years the woods behind our home has encroached ever closer to the house.  The grassy lawn is gone, and in its place we have created a woodland garden.  Last week we made some colorful additions to our plantings. Astilbe   Moss Roses Hydrangea Caladiums Foxglove And don’t laugh.  I know this is considered a…

Now blooming in my corner of North Georgia: Hydrangeas

  Oakleaf hydrangeas are native to the Southeastern U.S., and their blooms are white.   Lacecap hydrangeas are characterized by their unique blossom, with open blooms around the perimeter and small bud-like blooms in the center.   The ph of the soil determines the color of the blossoms of many hydrangea plants, but it is…