Here is the world…

The past two years have been filled with difficulties and hardships and terrible things around the world. They also have been filled with much beauty and love. Cheers to the New Year, as we look ahead with courage to whatever might come our way.

Festival of Leaves, 2019 – Week 9 – Color on Yonah Mountain

We have what is called a seasonal view of Yonah Mountain here, meaning we can’t see it at all during the summer, but it’s lovely in the autumn and winter. I took these photos in the late afternoon today from just outside our front door. Again this autumn, Dawn at The Day After is hosting the weekly Festival…

One Word Sunday: Graffiti

At the old Stovall Mill Covered Bridge in Northeast Georgia   See more graffiti or submit your own photo here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

I don’t live in a town, but rather live halfway between two small towns in Northeast Georgia. Our house is one of three homes on an unpaved lane located a short distance from the main highway.   Local to me means scenes like these:     See other interpretations of local or join the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge here.